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Yugoslavia m89 pattern.jpg


Let's start the story with the above photo showing two JNA (the Yugoslav National Army) military police soldiers, it was taken in 1992 in Kostajnica, then part of Serbian Krajina (now Croatia) with Yugoslav troops delopyed.

They wear the M89 camouflage pattern (also called "Yugoslav amoeba" by collectors).

The M89 wasn't the first uniform in this pattern. In fact, the M87 was used in smaller numbers before - eg. by the 63 Para Batallion.

Shirt made in the M87 pattern - note that the pattern is smaller than that of the M89:

Yugoslavia small amoeba.jpg

After leaving Yugoslavia, the Slovenian Armed Forces began wearing a camouflage pattern based on the M87, but with different colours. The photo below shows a comparision of the Yugoslav M89 (left) with the Slovenian pattern:

Comp M89 slovenian amoeba.jpg

A number of items have been produced in the M89 pattern. Below is a Serb soldiers at the Cease-fire Line between Serb forces in Krajina (the part of Croatia occupied by Serb forces) and Crotia, he is wearing a west in this pattern:

Serb soldier - Turanj, Croatia 1992.jpg