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Sweden m90 pattern.jpg

M90 worn by Swedish soldiers:

Sweden m90 1.jpg Sweden m90 2.jpg

Photos taken at the Swedish Army museum in Stockholm, depicting "future Swedish soldier":

Swede1.jpg Swede2.jpg Swede3.jpg

The M90 uniform system is called FU90 (Fältuniform 90 = Field uniform 90), so the designation of the different uniforms is FU90P, FU90K, FU90L etc. (but I suppose most people call them M90P, M90K etc.)

FU90P = for personnel in armoured vehicles, has a different cut
FU90H = for helicopter crews - the inside is bright orange
FU90K = the desert version (öken means desert in Swedish - I don't know where they get the "K" from...)
FU90L = lightweight version of the M90, "L" means something like "lätt" (light)

Only the FU90K is in the desert pattern - the others are in the "green" pattern.